From Flickering Flames to Festival Fireworks: A Look at Evolving Event Lighting

Remember the days when festival lighting meant strings of fairy lights and flickering torches? Thankfully, the world of event illumination has come a long way. Here at Core Lighting, we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of outdoor lighting, and that passion extends to appreciating the history of how we light up our celebrations.

Key Considerations for Choosing Event Lighting

Deciding on the perfect event lighting isn’t just about finding something pretty. Here at Core Lighting, we understand event planners need to consider several factors. Firstly, setting the mood is crucial. Are you aiming for a chilled-out summer vibe or a high-energy concert atmosphere? Colour temperature and brightness play a big role. Secondly, functionality matters. Does the space need general illumination, or are you highlighting specific areas? Don’t forget about practicality – weatherproofing is essential for any outdoor event in our unpredictable British weather!

Standing Out in the Spotlight: Core Lighting’s Edge

For over 16 years, Core Lighting has been a leading force in the festival and event lighting industry. We don’t just follow trends, we set them. Our passion lies in crafting innovative, battery-powered LED lighting that’s both vividly beautiful and durably weatherproof. This unique combination sets us apart from the competition.

Through extensive experience working with diverse clients – from exclusive venues and hotels to weddings, exhibitions, and even iconic buildings – we’ve honed our expertise in the art of combining cutting-edge LED technology with wireless synchronisation and battery power. This translates to a hassle-free experience for you.

Our extensive product range caters to any event, offering a spectrum of possibilities. From atmospheric table lighting to solutions that can illuminate entire multi-story buildings, we have it all. Additionally, our line features functional floodlighting to bathe expansive indoor or outdoor areas in light. Furthermore, most of our products are battery-powered and weatherproof, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. For ultimate control, many of our lights offer wireless control via Bluetooth or Wireless DMX.

The Advantages of Wireless Battery-Powered Lighting

Traditional event lighting often comes with a tangled mess of cables and extension cords. These can create a safety hazard with trip risks, while also detracting from the overall aesthetic of the event space. Long black cables snaking across the floor or venue walls are an eyesore, disrupting the carefully curated atmosphere.

Here at Core Lighting, we believe event lighting should be as seamless as it is spectacular. That’s why we champion the power of wireless battery-powered lighting. This innovative approach offers a multitude of benefits:

  •   Effortless Setup and Flexibility: Ditch the cable clutter! Wireless lights are incredibly quick to install and reposition, allowing you to adapt the lighting scheme to perfectly suit your event layout. No more hours spent untangling wires or wrestling with extension cords.
  •   Unrestricted Freedom: Break free from the limitations of fixed power outlets and generators. Battery-powered lighting lets you illuminate any space, regardless of existing electrical infrastructure. This opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to transform unique locations or outdoor areas.
  •   Enhanced Safety: Eliminate trip hazards entirely with the removal of cables. This is especially crucial in high-traffic areas or around seating arrangements.
  •   Peace of Mind: Focus on creating an unforgettable event, not on electrical concerns. Battery-powered lighting offers reliable illumination without the worry of power outages or generator malfunctions.

Core Lighting Tackles Outdoor Event Challenges

Outdoor events present unique lighting challenges. From unpredictable weather to the absence of readily available power sources, ensuring a flawless lighting experience requires careful consideration. Here at Core Lighting, we understand these hurdles and have designed our products specifically to address them:

  •   Unpredictable Elements: British weather can be notoriously fickle. That’s why all Core Lighting products are weatherproof, meaning they’re built to withstand rain, wind, and even dust. This allows you to plan your event with confidence, knowing the lights will perform flawlessly regardless of the conditions.
  •   Wireless Freedom: Tangled cables can be a nightmare, especially outdoors. Core Lighting prioritises strong wireless performance. Our expertise in antennas and range optimization ensures a reliable connection between your control system and the lights, even in expansive outdoor spaces. No more scrambling to find outlets or running endless extension cords.
  •   Speedy Set-up: Time is precious during event setup. Core Lighting products are designed for quick and easy installation. The absence of cables eliminates a significant source of delay, allowing you to focus on creating a magical atmosphere.

Find out more on how Core can help you with your outdoor lighting – Outdoor Battery Powered Lighting | CORE Lighting

The Power of Lighting Design

Imagine a music festival bathed in harsh white light – not exactly an inspiring image, is it? Lighting design plays a far more significant role than simply illuminating a space. In the hands of a skilled designer, light becomes a powerful tool for shaping the entire atmosphere and experience of a festival or event.

Core Lighting believes that effective lighting design is an art form. By carefully selecting colours, brightness, and movement, lighting can set the mood, guide the audience’s focus, and even evoke specific emotions. Warm, golden hues can create a sense of intimacy, while cool blues can evoke a feeling of energy or mystery. Strategic spotlighting can draw attention to performers or key elements of the venue, while dynamic lighting effects can add a layer of excitement and drama. Done well, the lighting design seamlessly blends with the overall theme and aesthetic, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

Core Lighting Transforms Iconic Locations

Core Lighting’s innovative solutions have illuminated a wide range of events and locations, leaving a lasting impact on audiences and organisers alike. Here are a few examples that showcase our versatility and expertise:

  1.     Towering Achievement: In collaboration with a distributor, Core Lighting played a key role in bathing the central White Tower at the Tower of London in light. Our weatherproof battery-powered solutions illuminated the entire structure, from bottom to top, adding a touch of magic to this historic landmark. You can read an article on Core Lighting here – Core LED Fixtures Illuminate The Tower Of London | Live Design Online
  2.     Royal Illumination: Core Lighting also provided lighting for the Royal Armouries near the White Tower, a venue steeped in history. Our dependable battery-powered lights ensured a seamless and atmospheric experience for a significant event held within its walls. Find out how this project was a major success – CORE and White Light illuminate The Tower of London (
  3.     National Trust Illumination: When the National Trust needed to illuminate a quarter-mile stretch of a scenic track, Core Lighting rose to the challenge. Our lighting solutions not only ensured safety but also highlighted the surrounding trees, creating a captivating and functional atmosphere. To see how this looked you can visit our website – Sheringham-Park-National-Trust-CORE-Lighting.pdf (
  4.     Green Space, Dark Skies: Core Lighting played a pivotal role in the “Green Space is Dark Skies” project, a nationwide initiative promoting responsible lighting practices. We provided over 2,000 portable, weatherproof uplights that were used at 26 events across the UK. These uplights, some even equipped with GPS for tracking and control, enabled the creation of stunning large-scale lighting schemes atop iconic peaks like Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon. This project perfectly exemplifies the strength of Core Lighting’s commitment to both portability and weatherproofing, qualities that proved essential for this unique challenge. Find out more here – Siemens graduates collaborate with CORE engineers to create geolocation lighting system – Manufacturing & Production Engineering Magazine (

To see how Core has lightened up other venues you can visit our website – Case Studies | CORE Lighting

Emerging Trends in Festival and Event Lighting

The world of festival and event lighting is constantly evolving, with new technologies and creative concepts pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Here at Core Lighting, we’re passionate about staying ahead of the curve and adapting our solutions to meet these emerging trends:

  •   Smarter Control Systems: While LED technology and wireless controls have become commonplace, the trend is now moving towards even more sophisticated control interfaces. Event planners are increasingly seeking user-friendly apps and intuitive systems that streamline the lighting management process. Core Lighting is actively developing its own control solutions to meet this demand, while also ensuring compatibility with leading industry apps.
  •   Multifunctional Fixtures: Another key trend is the growing emphasis on versatility. Festivals and events often require a variety of lighting effects. In response, Core Lighting is developing multifunctional fixtures that cater to a wider range of applications. This allows event planners to achieve their desired results with a smaller pool of lights, maximising their investment and minimising setup complexity.

By staying at the forefront of these trends, Core Lighting is committed to providing innovative lighting solutions that empower event planners to create truly unforgettable experiences. To find out more about how Core Lighting can help take your event to the next level, check out our wireless-powered venue and event lighting – Wireless Battery Powered Venue (Event) Lighting | CORE Lighting

Core Lighting’s Eco-Conscious Approach

Sustainability is a core value at Core Lighting. We understand the impact events can have on the environment, and we’re committed to minimising our footprint while maximising lighting impact. Here’s how we integrate sustainability into our approach:

  1.     Reduced Carbon Footprint: Core Lighting prioritises local manufacturing. The majority of our products are built right here in the UK, significantly reducing the carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation. This commitment to local production not only benefits the environment but also fosters the British economy.
  2.     Sustainable Materials: We’re constantly evaluating and adopting recyclable materials wherever possible. This applies to everything from the battery components to the metal framework and plastic casings. By prioritising recyclable materials, we aim to minimise waste and encourage responsible end-of-life product management.
  3.     Built to Last: Core Lighting products are designed with serviceability and longevity in mind. We understand that the most sustainable approach is often to extend the lifespan of existing products. Our in-house service centre provides easy access to replacement parts, and many of our lights are designed for user-friendly maintenance. This focus on durability ensures our products can be enjoyed for years to come, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

By prioritising local manufacturing, sustainable materials, and long-lasting products, Core Lighting strives to create a future where stunning event lighting goes hand-in-hand with environmental responsibility.

Simple Tips for Unforgettable Event Lighting

Creating a magical atmosphere with lighting doesn’t require an overly complex setup. Here at Core Lighting, we believe that sometimes, the most impactful results come from a well-defined, simple approach. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1.     Start with the Mood: Before diving into flashy features, take a step back. Consider the overall look and feel you want to achieve for your event. Are you aiming for a sophisticated and intimate setting, or a high-energy, vibrant atmosphere? Defining the mood upfront will guide your lighting choices and ensure a cohesive aesthetic.
  2.     Less is More: While creative lighting effects can be captivating, don’t fall into the trap of overcomplicating things. Sometimes, strategically placed lights can create a far greater impact than a cluttered lightscape. Focus on using key fixtures to highlight important areas and create depth within the space.
  3.     Embrace Simplicity: Remember, simplicity is key to a successful event lighting plan. Core Lighting offers a wide range of user-friendly products that are quick to set up and require minimal technical expertise. This allows you to focus on creating an unforgettable experience for your attendees, rather than wrestling with complex lighting controls.