Floodlight: Battery Powered LED Wireless Flood Light from 20k – 40k lumens

Battery powered floodlights

Designed for instant, temporary floodlighting anywhere. Battery  powered with no messy cables, extremely high brightness and rugged outdoor rated design.  

The CORE FLOOD is ideal for fast deployment to quickly light large scenes,  areas, car parks, training grounds, arenas and requires no planning  permission in most places. Also available with 100-240V input. The head  sits on a tripod stand at 3.2m and the very portable lightweight battery  unit hangs from the frame. 

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Mobile simplicity of an incredibly powerful 24,000 lumen floodlight, battery unit & charger self-contained in a rugged shoulder kit bag.

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The CORE FLOODBOX is designed for very fast setup in seconds to quickly light large work areas, car parks, roads and pathways and is based around a rugged wheeled carry case which is sturdy with no further arms or supports.

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Core Flood

  • 2 hrs or 4hrs lifespan full brightness,  lengthened by adjusting brightness  up to 13hrs 
  • Electricity consumption 1/7 to  1/10th traditional halogen area  lighting 
  • Ultra-high brightness: 4 units lights  up an area 50m x 30m (1500sqm)  (15,000sqft) 
  • Special lens ensuring light focused  to 90deg beam on operational area.  20k lumens equivalent to 32k lumen  light with with no lens 

Simple plug-in charger (10 hours  to 95%, 14hrs to 100% green) 

  • (faster chargers available)  
  • Push height up to 3.2m (10.5ft) on  lightweight tripod system 

Other heights also available; 4.5m  tripod and 6m adjustable pole 

  • Simple push-on button with 3  intensity steps: 
  • 4, 6 & 13hrs—52Ah Pack 2, 3 & 6hrs—26Ah Pack 

 Instant lighting for area lighting,  safety, task and equestrian  

  • Public access safety, trackway, path  lighting 
  • Wide area task lighting, loading/ unloading vehicles 
  • Utilities and facilities management
  • White LED Head using highest  quality Cree high-brightness LED  chips, Neutral White 4000K CCT 
  • LED output 20,000 lumens  providing an intense brightness at  only 120W consumption.  

Eqiuivalent to light of 32,000  

lumens (190W) using no lens. 

  • 3.2m very sturdy tripod (3m plus  0.2m light head) 
  • 90° LED focused beam using  specifically designed optical lens to  concentrate light into the required  area. 
  • Charge from mains power source  110-240Vac 50/60Hz  
  • Charge time 10 hours to 95%,  14hrs to 100% (green indicator) 
  • Faster charging options available Two battery options: 
  1. 26Ah lithium ion for lower cost;  11Kg including tripod; 2 hrs @  100% brightness, 6hrs on min  setting 
  2. Optional 52Ah Lithium Ion for max  life; 12Kg incl tripod; 4 hrs @  

100% brightness, 13hrs on min  setting

  • Rugged powder coat painted  aluminium head and polycarbonate  battery housing in padded bag 
  • Standard 3.2m powder coat steel  tripod. Optional 4.5m zinc plate  steel tripod or 6m adjustable pole  (for fixing to fence) 
  • Options with PIR sensor and/or  solar charging (consult CORE office  for operational details) 
  • Multi-head available 
  • IP65 Weatherproof for rugged  outdoor use

Core Flood Pro

  • Over 7 hours lifespan full brightness,  lengthened by adjusting brightness to  over 35hrs 
  • Electricity consumption 1/8th  traditional halogen area lighting 
  • Ultra-high brightness: 4 units lights  up an area 60m x 45m (2700sqm)  (27,000sqft) 
  • Included 230V charger will also run  from 110V supplies.  
  • Fast tripod setup to 3.2m (11ft) 
  • Light weight rugged shoulder bag  for carrying over terrain 
  • Simple power button to switch on  & step through different  

brightness/life settings 

 Instant lighting for area safety and  work task lighting has mutliple  

applications across many sectors: 

  • Public access safety, trackway, path  lighting 
  • Wide area task lighting, loading/ unloading vehicles 
  • Utilities and facilities management
  • White LED Head— highest quality  Cree ultra-brightness LED chips,  Neutral White 4000K CCT 
  • LED output 24,000 lumens  providing an intense brightness at  only 145W consumption 
  • 3.2m sturdy aluminium tripod 90° LED wide beam. 
  • Convection cooled – no fan  minimising noise & maintenance.  
  • Cool head for LED Life>50,000hrs 
  • Operates from included battery. Charges from mains power   110-240Vac 50/60 Hz 
  • Charge time 10-12 hours 
  • 7hrs life up to 35hrs 
  • Operating temperature -20 to +50  deg C. Charging temperature 0 to  +40degC 
  • Rugged powder coated aluminium  head & light steel tripod.  
  • Tough padded nylon kit bag or  alternative heavy duty ABS case 
  • Rugged & simple head connector Head & battery unit IP67 Waterproof Bag Dims 370 (l) x 320 (w) x 250 (h) Case Dims 550 (l) x 430 (w) x 210 (l) 
  • Weight 12Kg (full bag) or 15Kg (case) Tripod 5.5Kg


Over 4hrs lifespan full brightness,
lengthened by adjusting brightness
to over 25hrs
Electricity consumption 1/8th traditional
halogen area lighting
Ultra-high brightness: 4 units lights up
an area 50m x 30m (1500sqm)

Simple built-in charging will also runfrom 110V supplies.
Push height up to 2m (6ft)
Very fast mechanical deployment with only one pole to insert
Simple menu to step through different brightness/life settings

Instant lighting for area safety and work
task lighting has mutliple applications across many sectors:
Public access safety, trackway, path lighting
Wide area task lighting, loading/unloading vehicles
Utilities and facilities management

1 or 2 White LED Head— highest quality
Cree ultra-brightness LED chips,
Neutral White 4000K CCT
LED output 20,000/40,000 lumens
providing an intense brightness at only
120W/240W consumption
2m sturdy aluminium extendable pole
90° LED wide beam.
Convection cooled – no fan minimising
noise & maintenance.
Cool head for LED Life>50,000hrs

Operate from battery power or
charges from mains 110-240Vac
50/60 Hz
Charge time 6-7 hours
Two battery options for sgl/dbl:
1. 4 to 25hr lifespan (52Ah) sgl
2. 4 to 25hr lifespan (104Ah) dbl
Operating temperature -20 to +50 deg
C. Charging temperature 0 to

Rugged powder coat painted aluminium head
and pole. Thick case walls, sturdy handles and wheels
Rugged & simple push/pull head connectors IP66 Waterproof for all weather
Internal weatherproof tray in case of lid left
open Extra protection that lid remains closed when
pole/head attached.
Dims 540 (l) x 405 (w) x 245 (h)
Weight 17Kg (single), 23Kg (double)

Core supply a comprehensive range of wireless LED lighting products

The range includes battery powered flood lights, magnetic spotlights, portable LED flood lights, battery lighting for events, spotlights for events, wireless flood flights and battery uplights.

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