Top Tips for Garden Lighting 

More than just landscaping is needed to create a lovely and welcoming garden area; the correct lighting can turn your outdoor space into a mystical haven. Products from CORE Lighting provide a variety of creative and wire free ways to enhance the ambience of your garden while balancing in with the existing elements. Improve your garden’s visual appeal with CORE Lighting products.

The Importance of Wireless Garden Lighting

Garden lighting is key to creating ambience in your outdoor space, whether it be a courtyard, tiered garden or feature piece. Clever lighting also boosts security and extends the use of your garden across seasons. Wireless lighting enables you to position or move lighting to areas that have no power supply or a good alternative if standard wired lighting options are too costly.

Lighting up paths and hazards enhances safety, lowering the chance of accidents after dark. Turn your garden into a night-time paradise by lighting it up right.

CORE lighting’s high powered battery lighting allows you to  choose lights to match your outdoor space style, whether modern or classic. For the best lighting plan, let our experts guide you based on your specific layout.

Advanced Garden Lights

Opt for smart lights that work through apps and connect via wireless connectivity. These lights can be set to turn on or off on their own. This makes your lighting both easy to use and eco-friendly.

Getting the right amount of light in your garden is key. Mark Feldman advises against using too many lights. He says it can make your garden look too busy. Instead, try mixing different light sources. This can make your garden not just bright but also visually pleasing.

Jo Mann tells us to think about why we need garden lights. Whether for finding your way, lighting up paths, or highlighting special spots. Knowing this can guide you to the right lights and their placement. She also mentions how light positions can create beautiful effects.

Choosing lights with different beam angles can make your garden even more interesting. Wide beams give a lot of light over a big area. But, narrow beams show off specific features. This approach helps build a rich and engaging lighting display for your garden.

Illuminate Focal Points

Garden lighting is more than just lights; it’s about showing off the best bits of your outdoor area. You can use sphere or globe lamps to bring light to the edges of your garden. It’s important to get the size and shape right to make your garden look good and keep the look you want.

Place lights under trees to make them stand out. Mirrors in the right spots can bounce light around beautifully. Mirrors can make your garden look bigger and add an interesting touch when used well. For dinner outside, put pretty lights or candles on the table to make it feel welcoming.

  • Hanging lights also help to make a warm atmosphere in the garden.
  • Using different lights in smart ways can make the most interesting part of your garden look great, even at night.
  • Placing seats around this central spot means you’ve also got a nice place to sit and relax.
  • Paths that lead to or around this spot welcome visitors and make the area feel special.
  • Ponds or fountains in the garden add a lovely calm touch and may bring in birds and butterflies.
  • It’s key to make sure the central area adds to your garden’s look without taking over too much.
  • Putting your own special twist in the focus area with decorations or plants shows off your style.

CORE Lighting Products for Your Garden

TablePoint Table Lamp

Elevate the atmosphere of your garden events with the versatile CORE TablePoint Lamp. This lamp offers a spectrum of Premium RGBW colours and warm white options, allowing you to create the perfect mood lighting for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet evening outside, the TablePoint Lamp provides the flexibility to adjust the lighting to suit the moment. Place these lamps on tables, around seating areas, or even along pathways for a stylish and functional lighting solution.

Compact Uplighter

For enhancing function rooms and household areas, or adding a splash of colour to buildings, the CORE Compact Uplighter is an excellent choice. This uplighter can be controlled wirelessly from the CORE app, giving you the freedom to adjust settings with ease. Use Compact Uplighters to highlight architectural features, illuminate large trees, or create dramatic shadows on your garden walls. Their compact size makes them easy to place discreetly, ensuring your garden remains the star of the show.

Festoon Lights

CORE Festoon Lights are perfect for creating a magical ambience wherever you desire. Each festoon string has 10 lights, spaced 1.64 feet (50cm) apart, and when connected to the battery pack, the entire installation is fully weatherproof. Drape these lights along fences, pergolas, or across open spaces to add a festive touch to your garden. Their warm glow creates an inviting atmosphere, ideal for parties, celebrations, or simply enjoying a cozy evening outdoors.

Fairy Lights

Similar to Festoon Lights, CORE Fairy Lights offers a whimsical touch to your garden. Each string also features 10 lights, spaced 1.64 feet (50cm) apart, and is fully weatherproof when connected to the battery pack. These lights are perfect for adding a fairytale-like charm to your garden. Use them to decorate trees, shrubs, or garden structures. Their soft, enchanting glow will transform your garden into a magical escape.