Battery Powered Festoon Lights

The Battery Powered Festoon Lights have a Festoon Plug Socket that can fit into our EnergyPoint battery pack.  One EnergyPoint can run multiple lengths of Festoon Lights as they can be linked to each other

Convenience & Save costs

If power is unavailable or is expensive to aquire in locations, such as: shopping centres, exhibitions,  market stalls and marquee tents, the EnergyPoint battery pack in combination with the Festoon Light can be the ideal solution.

Portable and Lightweight

As the EnergyPoint battery pack weighs around 2-3kg with its loop handle, the battery system is very portable and convenient for remote recharging. With polycarbonate 12V lightbulbs, the Festoon Lights can either be left installed or put up and taken down for events without fear of breakage.

4 Festoon strings will last up to 20 hours.

One EnergyPoint battery pack can run multiple Festoon Lights at the same time as the strings can be attached onto each other.

Battery pack available in 26Ah or 52 Ah

The EnergyPoint battery pack is available in 26 Ah and 52 Ah to suit budget and battery life requirements.

Battery Powered Festoon Lights

Our Battery Powered Festoon Lights are compatible with our own battery pack, the EnergyPoint. The EnergyPoint can run multiple Festoon Light cords at the same time. If a 52Ah EnergyPoint is being used in combination with 4 Festoon strings, the battery will last up to 20 hours. 1 Festoon string has 10 lights on it, 1 light per 1.64 Foot (50cm). Whenever the Festoon Lights are connected onto the battery pack the entire installation is fully weatherproof. 

In addition, the EnergyPoint consists out of a lithium ion battery for lightweight convenience, that only weighs around 2-3kg which also makes it portable. Therefore, you can easily transport and move them for recharging, say for example in a hotel room, during an event or exhibition. 
​. The EnergyPoint is available in 26Ah and 52Ah to suit budget and life requirements. Next to that, the EnergyPoint comes with a handy carry case for protection and recharging. 

Battery Powered Clampspots and Stemspots also available, both are compatible with the EnergyPoint

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