Ultra Bright Wireless Battery Powered LED Floodlighting

Extend the use of any outdoor space after the sun goes down with the CORE FLOOD range of LED flood lights. Whether you need to light up football fields, equestrian arenas, tennis courts, car parks, construction sites and yards, or task lighting for night shifts, the CORE FLOOD, FLOOD PRO, and FLOODBOX are the ideal portable, wireless lighting solution. With an extremely high brightness ranging from 20,000 lumens to 40,000 lumens, a battery life ranging from 2 to 35 hours depending on brightness settings, and a rugged, weatherproof protection of at least IP65, the CORE FLOOD range of battery powered LED flood lights are built for outdoor flood lighting in the harshest of weather conditions. No need for messy cables; these floodlights can be transported, stored, and set up quickly and easily wherever you need a large space illuminated.

Wireless Battery Powered - LED FloodLight

Have a look at our flood light brochures to get an insight on the specifications, features and available accessories. 

Colourful Uplighters needed for your equestrian or sport event?

In need of colourful lighting? We also have Uplighters that have RGBW LED’s in them. Next to that, all of the products mentioned below will last for a minimum of 8 hours, are battery powered, equipped with IP65 and can be controlled Wireless via DMX or by using our Lightdesk app.


The ColourPoint has 4 RGBW LED's in it. As the ColourPoint has an output of 2.000 lumen, it is ideal to light up higher building both indoors and outdoors

ColourPoint Mini

The ColourPoint Mini can light up to 3 storeys using 2 RGBW LED's. It is the younger brother of the ColourPoint with no compromises in quality, design or user-friendliness.


The Wireless LED 1M StripPoint has 18 RGBW LED emitters, is has an output of 4.000 lumen. Every LED can be controlled independently, to create astonishing effects. Perfect both inside and outside.


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