Be Illuminated by the new CORE COMPACT Uplighter

Anyone who says ‘size doesn’t matter’ is lying. Sometimes the most effective systems come in small, perfectly-formed packages. Meet the new CORE COMPACT Battery-Powered Uplighter  Designed as the more compact, less technically-complex cousin of the Colour Point and Colour Point Mini Uplighters, the new CORE Compact is the simplest and

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1x Battery Powered FloodLight at Sheringham Park

Lighting for Groundworks, Road, Rail & Excavations

GET THE LIGHTING RIGHT ON YOUR CONSTRUCTION SITE When planning any new groundwork, highway, rail or excavation project, one of the first considerations must be to ensure a safe working environment for your workforce. The quicker a potential hazard can be spotted, it can be avoided. But the provision of

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Christmas Event Lighting

How to do Christmas event lighting like a pro! Christmas is on its way, and now is the time many event companies and venues begin making preparations for those big Christmas bookings: events, parties, dinners, and more! Venues will be transformed into magical wonderlands or glamorous affairs using a plethora

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Lighting Historical Buildings And Stately Homes

The world is full of architectural treasures that stand as a testament to our history, culture, and ability to create beautiful structures. The historical buildings and stately homes built generations ago, with their intricate designs and rich heritage, are simply awe-inspiring.   In the bright, natural light of day, these

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Focus On Floodlights

 From lighting outdoor spaces like car parks and sports grounds to providing wide area task lighting and security lighting, floodlights have become an integral part of modern lighting solutions. Floodlights have widespread applications in multiple environments like residential, commercial, and industrial settings. However, with so many different types of

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Landscape Lighting Without Limitations

Whether you are soft lighting planted areas, bringing inside living, outside with a warmly-lit ambience, lighting up a driveway, a walkway or a water feature or illuminating a newly built garden feature, the right landscape lighting can create a magical backdrop to an outside space.  A well-designed garden lighting scheme

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Phil Ion, MD of CORE Lighting, on what the business has been up to behind the scenes in Lockdown.


Like many in the events industry, CORE Lighting has been significantly affected by the current lockdown in the UK and around the globe.


It’s tempting to have a pessimistic view of the months ahead, with large gatherings looking increasingly unlikely in 2020 and many businesses facing an uphill struggle to resume normal service.


But, no matter the long term impact of the coronavirus pandemic, at the moment we’ve made the decision to remain positive, productive and proactive as a business and as a lighting manufacturer.

Modified CORE floodlights have made their way to the North Pole to act as a temporary runway, two years after they were created for a similar role in Antarctica.


CORE Lighting MD Phil Ion was approached four years ago by specialist aviation consultancy NAS Corporation to create bespoke floodlights to act as a temporary runway, guiding planes to land equipment and people in Antarctica. One year later a second set was purchased for a larger runway for the largest aircraft.


The battery-powered lights were required to be sturdy, weatherproof and able to withstand extremes in temperature and winds up to 185mph for short periods of time. Ion and the CORE team, in the company’s UK factory, adapted the existing floodlight product to meet these specific requirements.

Event production and hire specialist 10 Out Of 10 has become an official distributor of CORE Lighting, making an initial investment in 12 CORE battery powered lights for its in-house stock.

Paul Need, founder of 10 Out Of 10, commented: “CORE Lighting products are a fantastic addition to our stock, a high quality product offering flexibility, freedom and a wide range of potential applications.”

Phil Ion, CORE Lighting MD, added: “I’m thrilled to be partnering with 10 Out Of 10 and further expanding the UK distribution network for the CORE Lighting products. CORE’s range of products are robust, weatherproof and have a choice of control through Wireless DMX, Bluetooth and direct control.”

Phil Ion, Founder of CORE Lighting,  believes battery-powered stands are coming, but asks if the industry is ready?: “It’s long been a fairly contentious issue; it’s no secret that many exhibitors find the cost of electricity prohibitive on top of the initial stand cost, plus more businesses than ever need that electricity to exhibit effectively.

“I’ve run my business for over ten years, and in that time I’ve exhibited personally at numerous trade shows in the events and hospitality industries. We manufacture a range of battery-powered lights, which I’ve always used for my own stands. During that time, I’ve frequently heard fellow exhibitors, often small, independent businesses for whom a trade show is a big investment, complain about the prohibitively high electricity prices….


When used correctly, battery powered LED lighting can enhance any building, setting or object. Both indoors & outdoors, lighting can create memorable and lasting experiences. When using lighting techniques it is best to err on the side of caution. If lights are overly bright, the setting will feel cold and institutional. On the other hand, if the lights are overly dim, it might be difficult for guests to recognise key décor or design details.

Strategically placed lighting can make or break your event. Excellent lighting will allow you to showcase important elements, as it is able to draw the attention to specific objects or…