Wireless Art & Exhibition Lighting

Wireless art & exhibition LED lighting

The quality of pieces is only a part of what makes a truly standout art exhibition. Proper lighting and creative display will entice and guide your audience, and can really help art tell its story. Our range of Wireless Art and Exhibition Lighting is truly diverse, illuminating your art works or exhibition stands and bringing them to life. Whether bright white or colourful lighting is needed, we can supply battery powered LED PinPoints, Stemspots, Clampspots, Festoon Lights, Uplights, Striplights, all powered by long-life Battery Packs. With no cables laying around you’ll get a safer, more attractive environment, and as most products can be controlled via our mobile app, you also get the creative freedom to really play with your space.

Our products can illuminate exhibition stands, art pieces, displays, statues, paintings or any other object you wish to display. Explore our range below to discover how you can revolutionise your art and exhibition lighting.

Battery Pack + Accessories

Battery Pack + StemSpot, Clampspot or Festoon Lights

Wireless Battery Powered Battery Pack - COre Lighting





Magnetic PinPoint

Strippoint with shadow

Our Products

Our products can create both atmospheric and practical LED lighting for art & exhibitions both indoors & outdoors. 

Our product range varries from bright pinpoints to colourful uplighters. All which are designed, manufactured and supported in the UK. 


Case Studies

Take a look at some of our case studies to see the capability of some of our products. 

Featured products

Nearly all of the products below have a 8 hour minimum lifetime when using the highest brightness and mixing multiple colours. However, when using basic colours or lowering the brightness the lifetime expands up to 16 hours. Next to that, all of the products mentioned below are battery powered and easy to set up. In addition, the ColourPoint Mini, StripPoint, TablePoint and PinPoint can also be controlled via our Lightdesk app. The StripPoint and ColourPoint Mini also have Wireless DMX available.




The Battery powered wireless PinPoint has a very narrow, bright 4 to 45 degree zoomable beam spread that can pinpoint any object by drawing intricate attention to it. The IP65 rating allows the PinPoint to be used both indoors or outdoors – regardless of the weather.

Tablepoint with shadow


The TablePoint (table lamp) is ideal to place on objects or inside furniture for both indoors and outdoors. IP65 (Outdoor) rated.

ColourPoint Mini

The ColourPoint Mini can light up to 3 storeys using 2 RGBW LED's. It is the smaller brother of the ColourPoint with no compromises in quality, design or user-friendliness.


The Wireless LED 1M StripPoint has 18 RGBW LED emitters, it has an output of 4.000 lumen. Every LED can be controlled independently, to create astonishing effects.

Wireless Battery Powered Battery Pack - COre Lighting

Battery Pack - EnergyPoint

26Ah or 52Ah battery pack available. In addition, StemSpots, Clampspots and Festoon Lights are available which are compatible with the battery pack.

Stemspot Light


One EnergyPoint battery pack can run up to 4 Stemspots simultaneously. If a 52Ah EnergyPoint is being used in combination with 4 Stemspots, the battery will last up to 24 hours. Stemspots are ideal for lighting up exhibition stands, statues, art and objects in general.

Battery Powered Exhibition Lighting - Clampspot - Core Lighting


Clampspots are ideal to clip on tables, chairs, shelves etc. 4 Clampspots can be attached simultaneously to the EnergyPoint battery pack. The battery will last up to 24 hours when 4 Clampspots are connected to the battery pack.

Battery Powered Art & Exhibition Lighting - Festoon Lights - Core Lighting

Festoon lights

One EnergyPoint can run multiple lengths of Festoon Lights as they can be linked to each other. A 52Ah EnergyPoint is able to power 4 festoon light strings for up to 20 hours. One string has 10 lamps - 50cm spacing.


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