Christmas Event Lighting

How to do Christmas event lighting like a pro!

Christmas is on its way, and now is the time many event companies and venues begin making preparations for those big Christmas bookings: events, parties, dinners, and more!

Venues will be transformed into magical wonderlands or glamorous affairs using a plethora of decorations, set pieces, linens, flowers and plants, and a Christmas tree or two!

But Christmas venues and events can really come alive when lighting is used to maximum effect!


Make your Christmas event extra special!

Professional event lighting, like CORE Lighting products, can transform venues and create an extra special experience for guests at festive parties.

From architectural lighting to garden lighting to interior event lighting, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere for your festive party or event.


Why should venues make this Christmas extra special?

With the cost of living crisis and the long-term impact of Covid 19 having an effect on many businesses, many venues across the UK want to make Christmas 2023 a big one. Throwing a big Christmas bash and transforming venues into a Christmas wonderland is a perfect opportunity to recoup any losses experienced over the last year. More than that, many venues just want to spread a little more festive cheer this year!

Many companies are also looking to make a splash for this year’s Christmas celebrations and are on the lookout for the perfect venue to offer a unique and special experience. Many staff could deserve a morale boost and rebuild working relationships after a return to the office. What better way to do all of this than with an extravagant Christmas party and everything that goes with it?

Make your Christmas events every special this year with professional event lighting and offer your guests and corporate bookings a Christmas experience they’ll never forget.

How do you do Christmas event lighting like the professionals?

We’ve been supplying venues and event companies with professional lighting solutions and providing expert professional lighting advice for over 15 years, so we know a few things about creating the perfect festive atmosphere.

Here are our top tips to make the best Christmas event with professional lighting techniques at your venue.


Stun guests with beautiful architectural Christmas lights

Utilise your venue’s architectural features to stunning effect by putting them at the core of your lighting design.

Focus on your building’s most attractive features and highlight them with uplighting, spotlighting, or floodlighting.

Does your venue have an imposing front facade? 

Highlight it and make it stand out from the surrounding area to striking effect with colourful uplighting using our ColourPoint (lights up to 5 storeys) or ColourPoint Mini (lights up to 3 storeys) professional uplighters. 

You can do the same for ornate ceilings and walls inside your venue or highlight a spectacular entrance with an uplight to either side.

When you bring attention to impressive architectural elements using effective lighting design, you help to convey an exclusive or magical setting, adding to that Christmas wonderland feel that many guests are hoping to experience and immerse themselves in.

Create an enchanting, magical ambience with professional outdoor lighting

It’s not just buildings that can be lit to impress for Christmas. Treat your outdoor spaces like an entirely separate venue in and of itself and create a truly magical world. 

Light up trees, shrubs, and ornate garden features with coloured LED flood lights and uplights, or by hanging festoon lights to either light the way or hang from branches like mysterious glowing orbs.

Include an outdoor walk or exploration as part of your evening itinerary and encourage your Christmas event guests to take a magical tour of your enchanted garden, making for a perfect prelude to the main event or a lovely way to wind down after.


Decorate your venue with festive lighting

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some decorative Christmas lights.

Complement traditional Christmas lighting, or do away with them entirely and replace them, with professional, intelligent LED lighting.

Project Christmas themed shapes such as snowflakes, trees, or stars onto walls, ceilings, or floors using gobos. You can replace the Christmas themed shapes with any of your choosing, making it as elegant or as fun as you like!

Colour wash entire walls with any colour theme of your choice. Light the entire length of your hall in Christmas red or go for a cooler blue hue, it’s up to you.

Hang festoon lights from ornate beams or around the side of your venue.

Illuminate centre pieces on the tables or at strategic locations within your venue using PinPoint spotlights, which can be attached to any ferrous surface, thanks to its magnetic base.

Or further enhance your lighting theme with colourful, wireless LED TablePoint Lamp, which can be fitted to almost any light fitting using its E27, E14, and B22 adapter, used as a stand alone lamp, or attached to a steel surface using its magnetic base.


Set the scene with projection

You can illuminate any external or internal walls with the scene, image, or video of your choice using professional projection equipment!

Wow guests as they enter a room or first set eyes on your building with a moving winter wonderland landscape projected across an entire wall or large surface.

Engage guests by projecting images of themselves or messages for them onto a screen.

Or entertain with a message from Santa himself or a series of festive clips using video projection.

With modern projection technology, you can project images and videos onto practically any surface in almost any location.


Party lights

No party would be complete without party lights. But why settle for bog standard DJ lighting when you can use the ultimate professional party lighting setup?

Many professional lighting solutions allow for programmable lighting schemes and designs that will change based on a pre-set routine. Our ColourPoint and ColourPoint Minis can be linked or designated as receivers via a Wireless Solution Transceiver and run their own internal routines.

You can also incorporate moving lights that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types from washes to spots to gobo spots to lasers, and more.


Want to throw the ultimate Christmas party?

Get in touch with us with your Christmas event project and we’ll advise you on the best CORE Lighting products for your Christmas venue.