Display Lighting Considerations

Core Chelt Town Hall Finished-4When you need to light a display, whether for an exhibition or a store window, there are several things to consider. But where should you start with enhancing the visual appearance of a display or exhibition booth?

Well-Lit Spaces Attract Attention

You wouldn’t pay any attention to a display that had no lighting, so why should anyone else? The key with display lighting is to ensure that you’re illuminating all of its important aspects. For example, an exhibition booth may contain a number of elements, but items like a company logo and key products should receive extra lighting attention.

Adding Drama

The placement of lighting, as well as the colour of your lights can add an element of drama where it is needed. A spotlight is best when key information needs to be visible or dark corners need brightening. Turned upward, lighting can add plenty of drama to key aspects of a display.


Don’t discount the benefits of fabric, which can light an entire booth or display when light is shone through it. Even if you don’t have coloured lighting, you can use coloured fabric with white light for the effect you desire.

Beyond how to light a display or booth is what kind of lighting to use. Moreover, portable LED floodlights are among the many choices of today’s business owners who want to effectively showcase the benefits of their products and services.

Benefits of LED Display Lighting

LED lights offer far more in the way of efficiency to business owners. They are longer lasting than conventional light bulbs, as well as 80% more efficient. The small size of LEDs makes them perfect for discreet, yet impactful placement.

LED lights are also low voltage and so are able to light up items of any size and construction, from shelving to posters to boxes. There’s no need to worry about overheating, as LED lights don’t produce nearly the heat that conventional bulbs do. How do they do this? It’s all in the location of the heat sink. Heat is drawn away from an LED light by its heat sink, which first absorbs the heat, and then dissipates it into the area surrounding the light.

When compared to other lighting types, LED lighting requires very little maintenance. Some results of testing have seen LED bulbs lasting up to 30 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Anyone using LED lights for display purposes will enjoy the fact that much maintenance time can be saved by installing LED light throughout a store or display.

LED lights also provide the option of flexibility where layouts must change. They can be installed as single lights, or in clusters. For establishments like car dealerships, LED lighting can be the solution to highlighting specific design features or draw attention to particular characteristics of automobile paint.

Cost Considerations

The purchase of any LED lighting for display should be thought of as an investment. It is true that competition has increased in the LED market which has brought the cost of many types of LED lighting to within reach for most business owners. However, the expectation should always be that you will be paying more for LED lighting than you may have for its incandescent cousin.

Whilst the energy output of LED lighting is far less than with other traditional lighting sources, their cost may require time to pay off after purchase an installation. However, where stunning an imaginative lighting is required, the LED light is still one of most desirable types of lighting chosen by business owners around the world.