Be Illuminated by the new CORE COMPACT Uplighter

Anyone who says ‘size doesn’t matter’ is lying. Sometimes the most effective systems come in small, perfectly-formed packages. Meet the new CORE COMPACT Battery-Powered Uplighter 

Designed as the more compact, less technically-complex cousin of the Colour Point and Colour Point Mini Uplighters, the new CORE Compact is the simplest and smallest of the CORE Lighting range of battery powered, wireless uplighters.

Providing a cable-free lighting solution, with the capability to work outdoors the CORE COMPACT Uplighter has an IP65 rating and is an excellent addition to the range of indoor and outdoor uplighting solutions. 

Lower Price Point Higher Spec

Created to offer a lower entry price point in the market the CORE COMPACT Uplighter is Available to order from January 2024, 

An evolution of the commitment to source and assemble in the UK, the CORE COMPACT Uplighter showcases expert British craftsmanship and design to create a robust building, landscape or event uplighter, where beautiful, warm white or colour lighting is required to enhance marquees, tipis, restaurants, art displays and even homes and gardens. 

The units are lightweight and discrete and finished with unique CORE trademark styling. Easy to place, they are perfect for tree lighting, enhancing function rooms, adding a splash of light up to three storeys high to a building exterior or interior from a small but powerful unit. 

CORE Compact Uplighter Features 

The CORE Compact features two very high intensity 28 Watt RGBW quad colour LED arrays with 15 deg beam angle, and has a running time of around eight hours at full power, with optional wireless DMX for unit control from a lighting console (WDMX & CRMX protocols).

To provide accurate spots and aesthetic focusing/angling, the CORE COMPACT Uplighter is completed by a small rotating foot mechanism that enables each unit to tilt independently with simple adjustment.

Charging Unit Carry Case 

Depending on your requirement and budget, the CORE COMPACT battery powered Uplighter comes with two separate charging options. 

The first option includes six Compact units and a wheeled carry case with a built-in charging solution. After each use the CORE COMPACT units sit neatly on the charging base meaning you can just close the lid and wheel it on or off site like a suitcase.

The second, lower cost version, includes a simple carry bag, which has space for up to four units. With this option the units can be recharged by plugging the bag’s internal power supply into a power source, after use in similar fashion to the CORE ColorPoint mini Uplighter.

The nature of this recharging method, slightly reduces the weather-proof nature of the units, and so is best used for indoor settings. 

Where to use the CORE Compact Uplighter 

The CORE COMPACT Uplighters are a versatile addition to the current CORE range, with typical applications including use in small or larger hotel and venue conference rooms, lobbies and staging areas. 

They are perfect for illuminating building exteriors and providing architectural lighting. 

For outdoor events, their robustness and weather-proof design means they can work well in large tents, marquees or yurts, providing colourful warm lighting based on wedding colour schemes or party themes.

The smaller, more discrete casing means the CORE COMPACT can in some situations be used for table lighting, but can certainly be used to illuminate art displays and enhancing exhibits in galleries or around the home. 

Case Study: Green Space Dark Skies project

In collaboration with outdoor arts experts, Walk the Plank, as part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK, the Green Space Dark Skies project, CORE Lighting created the first version of the CORE COMPACT as part of movement to allow people who wouldn’t usually experience the countryside to take part in an illuminating experience. 

They were invited to immerse themselves in some of Britain’s most beautiful landscapes at dusk between April and September 2022.

At 20 events across the UK, thousands of people became Human Lumenators, each carrying a CORE COMPACT unit, complete with handle, with them into the landscape. 

Together, these wireless lights, that were more sensitive to the night-time environment, created artistic spectacles and made patterns on mountains, lakes and moorland across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in a unique combination of green spaces, beautiful landscapes and sensitive lighting. The project was featured in various BBC TV programmes including a well-known Countryfile episode where the peaks of Ben Nevis, Sca Fell, Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) and Slieve Donard were lit up with hundreds of COMPACT uplighters in remotely controlled artistic scenes.

Why Choose the CORE Compact Uplighter 

For restaurants that want some warm room lighting, hoteliers that want to uplight a beautiful space, interior designers looking to showcase a room or landscapers adding flight to an outdoor project, the CORE Compact battery Powered Uplighter is a simple design, that is robust to withstand the elements and available at a price point for those working to a budget. 

Manufactured and assembled in the UK, the CORE COMPACT, can also reduce the carbon footprint for users as well as benefiting from more the same quality features but with less complex technology.  

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